考研倒计时1天! 最全双语资料,政治、经济、外交、文化领域“一网打尽”




1. 政治类

★两会 two sessions 



The fifth session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) and the fifth session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), or the two sessions, opened in Beijing respectively on March 5 and March 3, 2017.

部长通道:ministers' passage;

全国人民代表大会:the National People's Congress (NPC);

审议政府工作报告:deliberate government work report;

中国人民政治协商会:the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC);

讨论政府工作报告:discuss government work report;

按时完成“十三五”规划: fulfill the 13th Five-year Plan in time;

供给侧结构性改革 :supply-side structural reform;

《民法总则(草案)》 :Draft General Provisions of Civil Law.

★雄安新区 Xiongan New Area



China develops the Xiongan New Area in Hebei, parallel to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and the Shanghai Pudong New Area, to serve as another economic engine and advance the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

探索人口密集地区优化开发新模式:explore a new model of optimized development in densely populated areas

调整京津冀城市布局:restructure the urban layout in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

★“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛 Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation



The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, which took the theme "strengthening international cooperation and co-building the 'Belt and Road' for win-win development," was held on May 14 in Beijing. President Xi Jinping  attended the opening ceremony and hosted around-table leaders' summit.

关键词:丝绸之路经济带:the Silk Road Economic Belt;

21世纪海上丝绸之路:the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road;

东亚经济圈:East Asia economic circle;

欧洲经济圈:developed European economic circle;

政策沟通:policy coordination;

设施联通:facilities connectivity;

贸易畅通:unimpeded trade;

资金融通:financial integration;

民心相通:people-to-people bond.

★共有产权住房 home with joint property rights



More homes with joint property rights between the government and occupiers will come on the market in Beijing to bring down prices and meet the needs of local people without a home, the municipal government said Thursday.


共有产权住房:home with joint property rights;使用权:the right of use;

按份共有产权:be jointly owned by the government and their buyers in proportion;

首次购房人:first-time homebuyer;单身人士:single people;

防止投机炒作:fend off speculation;享有优先权:have priority;

夹心层:sandwich class;

名下无房:have no homes under their names.

党的十九大 the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC)



The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China convened in Beijing on Oct 18. The National Congress is "greatly important" at a time the country is undergoing the decisive stage in finishing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects as well as the crucial period of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


中国特色社会主义:socialism with Chinese characteristics;进入了新时代:has crossed the threshold into a New Era;

人民日益增长的美好生活需要和不平衡不充分的发展之间的矛盾:the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better life;


have drawn up a two-stage development plan for the period from 2020 to the middle of this century;

基本实现社会主义现代化socialist modernization is basically realized;

把我国建成富强民主文明和谐美丽的社会主义现代化强国:develop China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful;

不忘初心,方得始终:Never forget why you started, and you can accomplish your mission.

监察委员会 supervisory commissions



Supervisory commissions will be set up across the country by people's congresses at provincial, city and county-levels within their jurisdictions to supervise those exercising public power.

关键词:监察委员会:supervisory commissions;履行监督:supervision;调查:investigation;处置:punishment;

贪污贿赂:graft;滥用职权:misuse of authority;玩忽职守:neglect of duty;权力寻租:rent-seeking behavior;利益输送:tunneling;

徇私舞弊:playing favoritism and committing irregularities;

浪费国家资财:wasting public funds;

移送检察机关依法提起公诉:transfer suspected criminal cases to the procuratorates.

2. 外交类

 ★熊猫外交 panda diplomacy



Wu Wen and Xing Ya, two Chinese giant pandas arrived on Wednesday evening at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam for a 15-year stay in a Dutch zoo, making the Netherlands the seventh European country that hosts this endangered and adorable black and white bear.

关键词:熊猫特使:panda ambassador;

双边外交的符号:symbol of bilateral diplomacy;

无危物种:least concern;

近危物种:near threatened;



极危物种:critically endangered;

大熊猫合作研究:joint research projects on giant panda.

★中印边界 China-India border



The Ministry of Defense has demanded India immediately withdraw its military from Chinese territory, warning its leaders not to leave things to luck or have unrealistic expectations.

关键词:解除对峙:solve the standoff;

实际控制线:Line of Actual Control;

维护自己的领土主权和安全利益:protect territorial sovereignty, maintain sovereignty and security interests.

金砖国家领导人会晤 the Plenary Session of the BRICS Summit



The leaders of  Brazil, Russian, India, South Africa and  China, met on September 4, 2017 in Xiamen, China, at the Ninth BRICS Summit.

关键词:“深化金砖伙伴关系,开辟更加光明未来”:Stronger BRICS Partnership for a Brighter Future;

开放包容、合作共赢的金砖精神:open, inclusive and win-win spirit;第二个“金色十年”:the second “Golden Decade” of BRICS cooperation;

贸易与投资:trade and investment ;

金融合作与发展:financial cooperation;

蓝色经济:the blue economy.

国事访问+ state visit plus


US President Donald Trump's first state visit to China started on Wednesday. Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai said that Beijing is ready to provide a "state visit plus" experience for Trump.

关键词:应国家主席习近平邀请: at the invitation of President Xi Jinping;

国事访问:state visit;

就中美关系和共同关心的重大国际与地区问题深入交换意见:have an in-depth exchange of views on bilateral relations and major international and regional issues of mutual concern;

中方愿与美方共同努力:China stands ready to work with the US side;

取得重要成果:secure important outcomes;

为中美关系发展注入新的强劲动力:inject fresh and strong impetus into bilateral relations.

亚太经合组织第25次领导人非正式会议 the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting



President Xi Jinping attended the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting held in Da Nang, Vietnam from November 10 to 11. This is the first international multilateral meeting attended by a Chinese leader after the successful concluding of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which is of great significance and receives high attention from the international community.

关键词:打造全新动力,开创共享未来:Creating New Dynamism, Fostering a Shared Future;

区域经济一体化:regional economic integration;包容发展:inclusive development;

创新增长:innovative growth;


农业和粮食安全:agricultural and food safety;

共同维护亚太开放发展的大方向:jointly maintain the general direction of the open development in the Asia-Pacific region;

共同勾画未来合作新愿景:draw the outline of new prospects of future cooperation together.

3. 社会民生类

★ “朝阳群众”app   Chaoyang residents app



The Chaoyang Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau launched an app named after Chaoyang residents, which is nicknamed as the "fifth largest intelligence agency" in the world by China’s internet users, in a bid to better connect the police and ordinary citizens.

关键词:寻人:missing person;

招领:lost and found;

举报:tip off;

儿童拐卖:child trafficking;

疑似嫌犯:possible suspects;

老人走失:elderly missing person;

肇事违章:traffic violations.

★老赖 deadbeat/defaulter



China has extended penalty restrictions against people who default on their court orders, keeping them from traveling by plane, applying for loans and credit cards, or getting promoted. The Supreme People’s Court (SPC) has cooperated with airlines and railway companies from December last year to bar those who default from purchasing tickets, based on ID card information and their passports.

关键词:失信被执行人名单:defaulters list;

网络查控系统:information monitoring network;

实施信用惩戒:punishmentfor defaults.

★旅游业管理办法 management of tourism industry



Yunnan province will introduce 22 measures to clean up the local tourism industry, the provincial tourism administrative authority said on Monday. The measures, which will come into effect on April 15, include forbidding forced shopping and overly cheap tours, punishing fraud targeted at tourists, and strengthening regulation of tour guides via an online information and evaluation system.

关键词:零负团费:free and incentive tours;

购物陷阱:shopping traps;

打骂游客:beating and insulting tourists;

禁止“不合理低价游” :banning overly cheap tours;

加强导游监管:strengthening regulation of tour guides;

设立旅游巡回法庭:setting up tourist circuit court.

★慢就业 delayed employment



With the job market becoming increasingly competitive every year, a growing number of fresh university graduates are opting for"delayed employment".

关键词:延迟就业:delayed employment;

游学:go on a study tour;

支教:participate in a volunteer teaching program;

躲过应届毕业生求职高峰期的激烈竞争:delay job hunting to avoid the competition.

虐童 child abuse



China's largest online travel service platform Ctrip said on Wednesday it has reported a child abuse case at its affiliated day-care center in Shanghai and has fired those responsible.

关键词:携程亲子园:day-care center;

教师虐待儿童的视频:videos of child abuse;家长和网友的极大愤慨:creating an outcry from parents and netizens;

公开致歉信:issue public apology;

表示将深刻反省:do self-examination;

弥补漏洞:make up for loopholes;

接受社会监督:accept public supervision.


Police and education authorities in Beijing are probing a child abuse case at the Xintiandi branch of RYB Education Kindergarten, a well-known chain of preschools. This is the latest in a number of similar cases reported recently nationwide.

关键词:遭遇老师扎针:be pricked with needles;

针眼:needle mark警方调查和取证:police are investigating and collecting evidence

查清事实真相:find out the truth;

专项督查:special inspection;加强师德师风建设:improve teachers' morality.

无痛分娩 pain-free delivery



The suicide of a pregnant woman after her plea for a C-section was rejected has sparked a public outcry across China, with people calling for the promotion of pain-free delivery options.

关键词:无法忍受自然分娩的疼痛:be unbearable of the labor pain of natural/spontaneous delivery;

跳楼身亡:jump to death;互相推诿责任:blame each other;

剖腹产: C-section;自然分娩:natural childbirth/delivery/labor;

硬膜外麻醉:epidural anesthesia;脊髓麻醉:spinal anesthesia;无痛阴道分娩:pain-free vaginal delivery.

4. 经济类

★ 博鳌亚洲论坛 Boao Forum for Asia



The four-day Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)Annual Conference 2017, themed with “Globalization & Free Trade: The Asian Perspectives”, was held on March 23 in Boao, Hainan.


直播经济:live stream economy;

数字货币:digital currency;

虚拟货币:virtual currency;

移动支付:mobile payment;


虚拟现实:virtual reality;

岛屿经济:island economy;

分享经济:sharing economy.

★蓝色经济 blue economy



China calls for the development of a "blue economy" to optimize the traditional marine sector and speed up the development of emerging marine industries while promoting sustainability, a Chinese official said.

海洋污染:marine pollution;

海洋生态保:marine environmental protection;

海水酸化:ocean acidification;

可持续渔业:sustainable fishery;

海洋科研能力:marine scientific research capacity.

★绿色金融改革创新试验区 pilot zones for green finance reform and innovations



The State Council, China's Cabinet, recently announced it is setting up pilot zones for green finance reform and innovations. The pilot zones will be in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and Guangdong, Guizhou, Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces.

关键词:支持金融机构设立绿色金融事业部或绿色支行:to set up green finance departments or green branches;

鼓励发展绿色信贷:to encourage the development of green credit;

探索建立排污权、水权、用能权等环境权益交易市场:to roll out pilot markets for trading pollution, water and energy rights;

建立绿色产业、项目优先的政府服务通道:to provide policy support for green industries and projects;

建立绿色金融风险防范机制:to establish a risk prevention mechanism for green finance.

★混合所有制改革 mixed-ownership reform



The government pledged to improve SOEs' revenue in global markets via a number of reform measures this year, including mixed-ownership reform, establishment of asset management companies and diversification of SOE equity.

国有资本:state-owned capital;

集体资本:collective capital;

非公有资本:non-public capital;

加强国有资本监管:strengthen State-owned capital supervision;

强化风险控制:enhance risk control;

深化国企改革:deepen State-owned enterprise reform.

超国民待遇 super-national treatment


Overseas sellers gave "super-national treatment" to Chinese tourists to promote their spending during China's National Day holiday.

关键词:超国民待遇:super-national treatment;

价格优惠政策:preferential price policies;支付宝价:favorable price via Alipay;退税: tax refunds

国际旅游支出:overseas travel expenditure.

双11促销 Double 11 promotions



Overly complicated Double 11 promotions have recently aroused complaints among Chinese customers as the annual online shopping spree on Nov 11 approaches.

关键词:光棍节:Single's Day;

网购狂欢节:online shopping spree;促销:promotion;促销方法:promotion methods

预售:prelaunch;减免:money-off;价保:price protection;优惠券:coupon;红包:red packets

鼓励消费:encourage consumption

现金礼物:monetary gift.

失信黑名单 blacklist of serious dishonesty



The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is now working with other departments to exercise special governance on serious dishonesty in e-commerce ahead of Nov 11, when the e-commerce frenzy kicks off.

关键词:产品质量:product quality;

产品销售与服务:product sales and service;产品价格:product price;


完善电子商务领域信用记录:to improve credit records of e-commerce.

5. 科技成就类

风云四号气象卫星 Fengyun 4A weather satellite



Fengyun-4A satellite, the first of China's second-generation geostationary orbiting weather satellites, was put into operation Monday, said the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence.

关键词:卫星在轨运行:in-orbit operation;卫星平台:satellite platform;有效载荷:payload;地面应用系统:ground application system;

台风:typhoons;沙尘:sandstorms;暴雨强对流:rain storms;霾:smog;天气预报:weather forecast;气象防灾减灾:meteorologic disaster prevention and reduction;应对气候变化:climate change;生态环境监测:ecological environment monitoring.

脉冲星 pulsar



After one year of trial operation, China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), the world's largest single-dish radio telescope, has identified multiple pulsars, the National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC) said Tuesday.

关键词:自转速度很快:fast rotational speed;

自转周期精确:accurate rotation period;引力波探测:finding gravitational waves;

航天器导航:navigating spacecraft.

6. 生态类

★鼓浪屿 Gulangyu Island



The 2017 World Heritage Committee meeting was held in Krakow from July 2 to 12.Some 20 places were added to the list, among them China's Gulangyu historic international settlement in Fujian province and Hoh Xil in Qinghai province.

关键词:自然景观:natural landscape;

文物古迹:cultural relics and historic sites;

世界遗产名录: World Heritage List.

★塞罕坝 Saihanba Afforestation Community



China's Saihanba Afforestation Community was presented the top United Nations environment honor, the Champions of the Earth award, in Nairobi, Kenya.


Saihanba Afforestation Community, for transforming degraded land into a lush paradise.

空气质量:air quality;

降水少:less precipitation;

气温高:high temperature;

风速大:strong wind.

国家公园 national parks



China released on Tuesday an overall plan on the development and management of national parks, which calls for the strictest measures to protect the country's natural beauty and pass it on to generations to come.

关键词:完整性保护:protect the authenticity and integrity of the natural ecosystem;

国家所有:owned by the State;全民共享:shared by the people

世代传承: passed on to future generations.

绿色包装 green packaging


The State Post Bureau(SPB) recently announced specific goals to green the courier sector. By 2020, half of external packages should be degradable, 90 percent of waybills electronic, and packing material consumed for each parcel cut by 10 percent, the SPB said in a document.

一次性包装:disposable package;

分类回收:sorting and recycling胶带:tape;缓冲气泡袋:cushions;

塑料袋:plastic bags;垃圾:packaging waste;


7. 文化类

★反腐剧 anti-corruption TV series



In the Name of the People is the first of five anti-graft TV series the Film and Television Center of the Supreme People's Procuratorate has been producing.

政治小说:political novel;老戏骨:veteran actor;

特大贪污腐败案件:serious corruption case;

前所未有的反腐力度:unprecedented anti-corruption efforts;

地市级、省部级到副国级:from prefecture-level,provincial and ministerial-level to deputy state-level.

★付费订阅 pay-to-read feature



Tencent Holdings' messaging app WeChat is mulling a new pay-to-read feature that allows its official accounts to request payment from readers.

关键词:单次订阅:pay as you read;

周订阅:weekly subscription service;

包月订阅:monthly subscription service;

包年订阅:yearly subscription service;


★王者荣耀 King of Glory



Tencent's mobile game King of Glory is enjoying phenomenal popularity with over 200million registered players, 36 million of whom are middle and primary school students.

关键词:三板斧:three broad axes;

最严格的防沉迷措施:most serious anti-addiction measures in history;

强化实名认证体系:step up the requirement of real-name registration;

强制下线:be forced to go off line.

巡视利剑 Sharp Sword of Inspection



The documentary, named Sharp Sword of Inspection, highlighted the strategy of using inspections as tools to boost clean governance amid the country's unprecedented campaign of fighting corruption.

关键词:官商勾结 :collusion between government officials and business owners;

小官巨腐: corruption by low-level officials who engage in an astonishing number of bribery and money-for-position deals;买官卖官 :lobby for promotions or money-for-position deals;

搞"小圈子" :formation of "small coteries" or factions among officials.

★《战狼2》 Wolf Warrior 2



The mega-hit action film Wolf Warrior 2 has been selected to represent China in the bid for the Best Foreign Language Film at next year's Oscars.

关键词:票房: box office;

中国电影史上票房最高的影片: the highest grossing film of all-time in Chinese cinema history;最佳外语片:the best foreign-language film category;

参与角逐、竞争:in the bid for;

参选本届奥斯卡纪录片单元:compete for the best documentary award.

8. 国际类

★脱欧法案 Brexit bill



The House of Lords has passed the Brexit bill, paving the way for the government to trigger Article 50 so the UK can leave the EU.

关键词:脱欧白皮书:Brexit White Paper;

脱欧公投:Brexit referendum;

限制移民:immigration control;

保障在英居留欧盟公民权利:EU citizens' rights to remain in the UK.

★禁穆令 Muslim ban




The executive order suspends the entire US refugee admissions system for 120 days. It also suspends the Syrian refugee program indefinitely, and bans entry to the US to people from seven majority-Muslim countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – for 90 days.


★朴槿惠  Park Geun-hye



South Korea's President Park Geun-hye has become the country's first democratically elected leader to be forced from office. Judges at the country’s constitutional court unanimously upheld Parliament's decision to impeach her over her role in a corruption scandal involving close friend Choi Soon-sil.

关键词:临时逮捕/紧急逮捕:emergency arrest;

闺蜜:close confidante;



免职:force/dismiss/remove her from office.

★恐袭 terror attack



At least four suspects have been killed in Cambrils, a townsouth of Barcelona, in an operation responding to a terror attack in Barcelona in which 13 people have been killed and more than 100 others injured onThursday, police said Friday.

关键词:徒步逃走:flee on foot;

拘捕了两名嫌疑人:arrest two suspects;地铁和火车站:Metro and railway stations;

伤亡最为惨重的袭击:the deadliest attack;

伊斯兰国宣称对此次致命袭击事件负责:"Islamic State"claimed responsibility for the deadly rampage;

未就此给出更多证据或细节:give no further evidence ordetails;

伊斯兰激进分子:Islamist militant.

9. 教育类

★高考 national college entrance exam



A total of 9.4 million Chinese high school students will sit the 2017 national college entrance examination, known as the Gaokao, due to kick off Wednesday,the Ministry of Education said.

关键词:面部识别:facial recognition;

指纹识别:fingerprint verification;

静脉验证:finger vein verification;

金属探测器:metal detector;

电子监控:electronic monitoring system.

“双一流” "Double First-Class" initiative


The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Development and Reform Commission on Thursday jointly released a selected list of universities and colleges, which will participate in the country’s construction plan of world-class universities and first-class disciplines.

关键词:世界一流学科前列: in the leading position among world-class disciplines;

基本建成高等教育强国:make China an international higher education power;竞争优选:competitive selection;

专家评选:expert evaluation;

政府比选:government assessment;

动态筛选:periodic screening.

★AR录取通知书 AR admission notice



The Northwestern Polytechnical University on Tuesday issued the letter of acceptance using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to students. This is the first AR-enabled university admission notice in China.

关键词:虚拟校园平台: virtual campus platform;

描通知书正反面:scan the letter, front and back;

校情校史:history of the university;

学科特色:discipline characteristics;

学校特色的动态展示:dynamic display of the school features.