AP News Minute 美联社1分钟新闻:国会议员被指性骚扰后辞职

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      President Donald Trump moves forward with plans to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, despite strong Arab, Muslim and European opposition to such a move. That would revertdecades of U.S. policy and could spark violent protests.


      Trump formally endorsed Alabama's Roy Moore for Senate, while Republican leaders inWashington are coming to grips with the possibility of Moore joining them in the capital. Thepresident saying, "I think he's going to do very well. We don't want to have a liberal democratin Alabama."

      特朗普正式支持阿拉巴马州的罗伊·摩尔(Roy Moore)担任参议员,而华盛顿的共和党领导人则开始认真考虑摩尔来到首都和他们成为同事的可能性。总统说:“我认为他会做得很好。我们不想在阿拉巴马州出现一个自由民主党人。”

      Democratic representative John Conyers has resigned from Congress after being besieged byallegations he sexually harassed women who worked for him. The liberal democrat from Detroitwas the longest-serving current member of Congress, with nearly fifty three years on CapitolHill.

      民主党众议员约翰·康耶斯(John Conyers)从国会辞职,此前他被指控性骚扰女下属。这位底特律的自由民主党是目前在任时间最长的国会议员,在国会山工作了近53年。

      The wildfires raging in southern California are being fanned by Santa Ana winds, thenotoriously gusty and withering blasts linked to some of the worst infernos in the region'shistory. Forecasters said it would likely be the strongest and longest Santa Ana wind so far thisseason, with gusts up to eighty miles per hour.


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