What is your understanding of the relationships between literature and social ideology?

As to my understanding, on one hand both literature and social ideology as two factors of superstructures come from the actual economic foundation. In our country, socialist economic base determines the socialist ideology and the socialist literature.

On another hand literature and social ideology have mutual effects on each other. Literature exists ideological factors, but the literature as a separate type of ideology reflects a certain ideology and is not independent of ideology. We can see some socialist ideological factors from Lu Xun’s literary works. For example, from Yao(《药》) we can see that communist revolution are in danger and the writer encourages the revolutionists fight for democracy, freedom and national independence, which reflects a certain ideology in that actual period.

Besides, literature work can also contribute to the social ideology. Our country is at the primary stage of socialism and some socialist literature as the leading part penetrates to our daily life and shape our outlooks on life and world, which makes us be united, insist on our superior socialist system and fight for the brighter tomorrow.

At last, literature can not always reflect the social ideology, and sometimes there is a little part of social ideology which is covered up deliberately in literary works. Literature as a kind of art works derives from life but it is beyond life. We should not reveal the the social ideology which is hidden by the writer deliberately. Recently, a famous actor whose name is Jia Ling mocked Hua Mulan, a woman who is a famous ancient Chinese soldier. Jia Ling said that the real intention of Hua Mulan of being a female soldier is to feed up herself during that period of wars. Jia Ling’s words showed the social ideology which is not revealed by the original work by the writer. To some extent her words are against of the original intentions of the writer, which totally changed the literary work. As a reader we had better not misinterpret the underlying meanings of the original literary works.