Exemplify the differences between story and plot – The Call of the Wild

Exemplify the differences between story and plot.

A story is basically a sequence of events with a beginning, middle and end. There are different ways to depict a story. In most cases, it tells the events in a chronological order. There are several important factors that are setting, plot and conflict. Setting is the background information regarding the time and place of the story. Conflicts deal with the problem among people. Plot is the series of events described in a logical way. Plot is associated with the story. A plot describes what happens in order and clarifies the transcending of one event into some other particular event.

According to R. S. Crane, there are plots of action, plots of character and plots of thought. Plots of thought are a completed process of change in the thought of the protagonist and consequently in his feelings. Protagonist’s change in thought may exert influence on the whole development of storyline. It can be said that the plot can determine or influence the development of the storyline to some extent.

 In the Call of the Wild, the protagonist is a dog, named Buck. He was originally lived at a big house in the sun-kissed Santa Clara Valley. However, he was stole by other people, and worked for people among a group of dogs. He did not want to be involved in those fights initially. He would always made a compromise and avoid the conflicts as far as possible. He learned the law of club and fang, and then attitude towards leadership also changed dramatically. “The wild animal was strong in Buck, and as he traveled across the snow, it grew stronger and stronger, he hated Spitz more and more, although he was careful never to start a fight. But Spitz was always showing his teeth to Buck, trying to start a fight. And Buck knew that either he or Spitz must die.” From this excerpt, it is obvious that Buck’s thought was different from the original and this plot of thought directly results in his next action, that is, to kill the Spitz. The death of Spitz has much changed the status of Buck in their group, and he began to take in charge of the leadership. It is obvious that this plot changes the development of the rest of the story. Buck stops to reconcile, but take the initiative.

Besides, some plots play a minor role in the development of the storyline. Contrary to the abovementioned viewpoints, some plots can be irrelevant to the development of storyline. In the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, there is a description about a beetle during the course of sermon. “It was a large black beetle with formidable jaws- a pinch bug, he called it. It was in a percussion-cap box. The first thing the beetle did was to take him by finger. A natural fillip followed, the hurt finger went floundering into the aisle and lit on its back, and the hurt finger went into the boy’s mouth. The beetle lay there working its helpless legs, unable to turn over.”