[Headline] Police identify man behind east China kindergarten blast

A 22-year-old-man with the surname Xu was responsible for the explosion at a kindergarten in Fengxian County, eastern China's Jiangsu Province that left at least eight people dead, police said on Friday.


The explosion happened at around 16:48 local time (08:48 GMT) on Thursday afternoon. Sixty-five people were injured and taken to hospital. Of the eight people in critical condition, four are now out of danger. The suspect, who was also killed in the explosion, assembled an explosive device and detonated it outside the kindergarten when parents were picking up their children.

爆炸发生在当地时间16时48分(格林威治时间08:48)星期四下午。65人受伤被送往医院,当时8人处于生命危机状态,4人现已脱离生命危险,犯罪嫌疑人也在爆炸中丧生。当父母接走孩子后,犯罪嫌疑人组装爆炸装置并在幼儿园外引爆 。

Media reports said that the man was going through difficulties and suffered from a neurological disease known as vegetative dystonia, which is characterized by a disorder of functions and senses of the body without any underlying organic cause. Police investigators found explosive materials in Xu's rented home, which was close to the kindergarten, and the walls were covered with words such as “death,” “deceased,” and “extinction”.

媒体报道说,这名男子正在经历困难,患有一种神经系统疾病,称为营养性肌张力障碍,其特征是身体功能和感觉紊乱,没有任何潜在的有机原因。办案民警在幼儿园附近许租来的家里发现了爆炸物,发现墙上贴满了诸如“死亡”、“ 死者,”和“灭绝”字迹。