Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: My View on the Long Holidays. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given in Chinese below:

1. 休长假带来的好处;

2. 长假所带来的不利方面;

3. 你的看法。


The further development of economy in China has brought the more entertainment and leisure to people’s life. A case in point is the long holiday such as the National Day, in which people can spend one week or so enjoying themselves in different ways, especially going shopping and traveling. It has been agreed that the long holiday may bring much more benefit to both the customer and the businessmen.

On the other hand, however, the long holiday also brings much expectable problems to the society. First, too many visitors in the long holidays have caused the strain in traffic. Second, the visitors like to go to the well-known interesting places, which may lead to the serious damage to the nature and the scene.

In my view, people need such long holidays, and what really matters is how to guide people in their entertainment. For example, it is advisable that people try to avoid going shopping or traveling in the rush days. Anyway, the long holiday is a good idea of satisfying both the people and the merchants.


How Will Our Life Go on without Internet?

If asked whether the Internet is the greatest discovery of the 20th century, my answer would be yes. The Internet has drawn the world closer together, realized countless incredible dreams, and provided modern people with a great many conveniences and a brilliant life.

Today, many people simply feel they cannot live without the Internet. Governments publish their latest policies and decisions online for worldwide recognition. Political campaigns are often done online to gain wider public support. Companies and enterprises resort to the Internet for more business opportunities and potential customers home and abroad. Universities and researchers turn to the Internet if they’d seek international cooperation or funding. Common folks like us also rely on the cyber world in various ways, for communication, entertainment, banking and shopping.

True, the power of the Internet is all pervasive and its many negative effects are already visible. For example, Internet addicts tend to withdraw to their own fantasy world rather than communicate with a real person. Children are exposed to online pornography and violence. Internet frauds are an everyday occurrence. In view of all this, you are advised to use the Internet with wisdom. Keep it at a safe distance and never lose yourself.


As is clearly depicted in the above picture, a daughter tells his mother a piece of good news that she has been admitted to a university as her mother desires. There is no denial in saying that the cartoon leaves us such a deep impression that we cannot help thinking over a question: What role should parents play in their children’s growth?

From my point of view, during the process of a child’s growth, the role of parents is mainly listed as the following two aspects. On one hand, there is no doubt that parents are liable to take good care of their children. On the other hand, in children’s personal growth, parents ought to play a role as a person who helps children develop self-dependence, which carries more significant to children’s future life. In other words, parents should encourage their sons or daughters to be independent rather than reliant on others.

To conclude, in children’s personal growth, parents are responsible to care for their children. However, considering that they will grow up and live their own life in some day, parents should enable their children to acquire the ability to be self-independent.

Go to school, the right choice

As is vividly depicted in the cartoon given above, we can observe that a son, holding a smart phone, says to his mom, “why am I going to school if my phone already knows everything?” there is no doubt that the picture strongly reflects that phenomenon that more and more students object the idea of going to school when they have a phone, which can help them know everything. However, it is by no means a sensible idea.

It is generally acknowledged that going to school is not outdated. Whereas, it will remain as vital as it used to be. To begin with, going to school makes it possible to study with classmates and make progress together. As the old saying goes, “many hands make light work.” If students can study together, they can arouse the interest and cooperate with each other, thus making study more easy and enjoyable. What’s more, going to school means the face-to-face communication. It goes without saying that this way is more direct and effective, where we can raise questions and solve all the questions on spot. Last but not least, mobile phones cannot replace school. When using mobile phones. There are more chances for students to distract their attention. In addition, they may easily addicted to the games on the phone.

On the whole, as far as I am concerned, mobile phones do help us study in some ways. Nevertheless, it can by no means replace go to school. Going to school is the sensible choice. And school is the place where you can benefit the most.



When talking about the course which impresses me the most, I will certainly choose Basic Chemical Experiment. As a student of science, I am always fascinated with the magic in test tubes, and from this course I gained more than pure knowledge。

To begin with, this course provides us opportunities to put theories into practices. The experiments helped us testify and better understand what we have learned in books. Besides, by designing experimental procedures of own, we became more flexible and innovative。

Moreover, I also developed other skills that required outside labs through this course. For example, to be focused and careful when proceeding a task, to be patient and calm when facing failures, and to communicate properly when you need someone else to cooperate. These can be very valuable assets to your life。

Basic Chemical Experiment influenced me not only on academic field but also on daily affairs, therefore it’s the most impressing course to me。

作文题目二(1):A classmate of yours who has influenced you most in college

In our whole life, we can meet various people but the one who affected me most shows up in college. She is my roommate, Linda.

The reasons why I said that can be seen as follows. First and foremost,she is very hard-studying. Every morning she practices oral English no matter what the weather is like, even in cold winter, it is still dark outside and students are sleeping sound. What's more, she is ready to help anyone. Her stores in our class is the highest, and she always assists those who are left behind in class. What's important, on weekends, she goes to nursing home to help senior citizens to wash their clothes and teach them some English words.

All the evidence supports an unshakable conclusion that what she did teach me how to live a meaningful life, and I believe anyone should follow her. Only in this way can we have a promising future and rosy life.

作文题目二(2):A classmate of yours who has influenced you most in college

I have met so many friends in my college life. They have exerted enormous influence on my life. However, one of my most impressive friends is my roommate, Li Ming.

In the class meeting on the first day of school, Li Ming did not impress us at all. We started to notice him because he was always late for classes. We were thus impressed by his laziness. I came to know him and his situation because we were roommates and spent much time together: his mother was seriously ill and sick abed in long-term, his father left him and his mother mercilessly. Hence, it was him that shouldered the heavy burden of taking care of his sick mother supporting the whole family. Finally, under great pressures, he balanced his life and study perfectly: he was no longer always late, took good care of his mother and even won the scholarship many years in a row.

The experience of Li Ming can be one of the most convincing cases of the power of persistence and will. He left a deep impression and imposed a durable influence on me. Indeed, friend such as him can be regarded as asset and property in our life. We have rights to choose our own friends,but we should also be prudent and sensible enough to choose friends who can bring us “positive energy”.

作文题目三:A course that has impressed you most in college.

In this day and age, there are numerous courses in our college, while the most impressive one, as far as I am concerned, is foreign class.

The reasons why I favor the foreign class can be seen as follows. First and foremost, Foreign teachers prefer practical way of teaching which enables us to remember knowledge easily. A case in point of this is spoken English. We find that we have studied English when we are very young, but most of us cannot speak even cannot communicate with foreigners when meeting a foreign in the street. However, since I have foreign class, I can totally feel that my oral English get improved.What's more, not only do I know the foreign way of teaching, but also I learn local foreign culture, sometimes taste their local foods.

All the evidence supports an unshakable conclusion that I really learn a lot and enjoy the foreign class but the foreign class is still not common in any university. With China attending World Trade Organization, English especially spoken English is known as the communication tool. Therefore, it is suggested that universities should let every student have assess to foreign classes not only benefiting themselves but their future.