【NewsVideo】美联社新闻一分钟, 2017.03.21

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FBI director James Comey says the FBI and Justice Department have no information substantiate president Donald Trump’s claims that former president Barack Obama wiretapped him before the election. Comey and the head of NSA Mike Rogers were testifying before the House Intelligence Committee.

Senate hearings are underway for Neil Gorsuch, president Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. They come 13 months after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death created a vacancy on the high court. Questioning will begin on Tuesday, and votes in committee and on the Senate floor are expected early next month.

The search for Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl Jersey is over. Houston police say that investigators tracked the star’s quarterback jersey from last month’s win over the Atlanta Falcons to Mexico. Police also found Brady’s Jersey that gone missing from the Patriots’ 2015 Super Bowl win.

And a new report shows Norway is the happiest country on earth. Norway nabbed the top slot in part because of its sense of community and broad social welfare support. Norway edged past previous champ Denmark, which fell to second. The US was 14th in the ranking, down a spot from last year.
Emily Roseman Associated Press with AP News Minute.