今日英语, 时事新闻一览(2016.12.03)

【俄外长表示解决俄日和平条约问题并非易事】There should be no high expectations for any immediate progress on the signing of a peace treaty between Russia and Japan, as they still have difficulties in ironing out their differences, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Saturday.

Lavrov made the remarks after meeting with his Japanese counterpart, Fumio Kishida, who is here to prepare for Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Japan on Dec. 15.

【外媒:叙利亚一战机被击落 2名飞行员丧生】Rebels shot down a Syrian warplane in the northern city of Aleppo on Saturday, killing two pilots, a monitor group reported.

The warplane was downed near the international airport of Aleppo, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

One of the pilots was found dead while the other couldn't be found yet.

【济南一在建厂房倒塌 4人受伤送医5人被困】At least five people remain trapped under debris after a factory building collapsed on the outskirts of the eastern Chinese city of Jinan Saturday afternoon.

Local authorities said four others have been rescued and taken to hospital. The building was part of a privately-run factory under renovation. The investigation is ongoing.

【Emoji使用报告:全球用户最爱 “笑cry”那你最爱的表情包呢?】A study into how netizens from all over the world use emojis was carried out by Kika Tech recently. The report indicates that the emoji[笑cry], commonly known as “Face with Tears of Joy,” is the most popularly used expression worldwide. This emoji was also announced as the “word” of the year for 2015 by Oxford Dictionaries. Chinese netizens prefer the “Grin”[嘻嘻] when it comes to their use of emojis. Which one do you use the most?

【400步点亮圣诞树 里加打破吉尼斯世界纪录】A new Guinness world record was set on Friday in Riga, the capital of Latvia and the birthplace of the Christmas tree, for the world's largest Rube Goldberg machine, which used 400 steps to light up a Christmas tree in City Hall Square, beating a previous record of 383 steps held by Hungary. It took 10 minutes for the machine to finish its work, watched on by thousands of people. A Rube Goldberg machine is an apparatus that is designed to do a task in the most complicated way, often involving a long, convoluted series of actions.

【全程无障碍!延庆打造北京首个无障碍雪场】 Beijing’s first barrier-free ski resort started pilot operations on Saturday, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Located northwest of the capital city in Yanqing, which will host events during the Winter Olympics in 2022, the resort features special lanes that allow skiers with physical impairments to enjoy the slopes. The barrier-free lanes, which will also be open to non-disabled skiers, will officially open to the public later this month.

【习近平强调:扎实推进军队规模结构和力量编成改革】The Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping has stressed further military reform by downsizing the army while improving its combat capabilities and optimizing its structure. He made the remarks during a conference on reforms to the military’s size, structure, and formation, which was held from December 2 to 3 in Beijing.

【外卖行业调研报告显示 上海人最爱叫炸鸡】A report by a local major food delivery service has found that preferred orders differ across the nation's regions.
According to delivery service Meituan-Dianping, people in Shanghai and neighboring Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces like to order fried chicken the most.

This is very different from Guangdong province in the south and Beijing in the north, where local specialty dim sum and Beijing dishes topped the rankings.

【韩国民众举行第六次大规模游行抗议 要求总统朴槿惠下台】Tens of thousands of South Korean protesters are gathering in Seoul's Gwanghwamun Square on Saturday, demanding President Park Geun-hye's resignation. This is the sixth massive rally in South Korea since the influence-peddling scandal involving Park and her confidante Choi Soon-sil became public. Early on Saturday morning, South Korea’s three opposition parties also handed an impeachment motion against Park.

【赤峰煤矿爆炸 救出4名幸存者 仍有10人在搜救中】Four people have been rescued after a gas explosion hit a coal mine in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia on Saturday, but 10 others are still trapped. A total of 31 people were in the coal mine when the blast occurred. Seventeen of them have been confirmed dead.

 【美国阻止中企收购德国半导体公司爱思强 外交部:不该太政治化纯商业事件】A statement from the US Treasury Department said President Barack Obama blocked a Chinese company, Fujian Grand Chip Investment Fund (FGC), from acquiring the US business of German semiconductor equipment-maker Aixtron on Friday, due to national security concerns. Ahead of the decision, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had urged Obama not to politicize the transaction. It was not the first time that Obama has intervened to block a takeover involving a Chinese company. In 2012, Obama ordered Chinese-owned Ralls Corp to sell its interest in wind farms in Oregon.

【马航MH370失联1000天:失踪者家属启程前往马达加斯加 希望寻找更多线索】Some relatives of the passengers on board the missing flight MH370 left for Madagascar on Saturday, which also marks the 1,000th day since the Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared. "We want to reach as far and wide in Madagascar to coastal communities to villages,” AFP quoted Grace Nathan, a Malaysian lawyer whose mother was on the missing plane. She will leave for Madagascar along with three other Malaysians, two Chinese nationals and a French next-of-kin of the missing passengers. So far, 22 pieces of suspected MH370 debris have been found.

【中国海警在黄岩岛附近救起2名菲律宾渔民 菲方感谢】The Philippine government expressed gratitude to China's coast guards for rescuing two Philippine fishermen around Huangyan island in the South China Sea.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the Typhoon Tokage has brought on strong winds and rough waters near Huangyan island. China's coast guard had tried several times to deliver the two fishermen who fell into water after their boat had run on the rocks to the Philippine side but failed due to the bad weather.

【中国第三批赴南苏丹维和步兵营即将启程】China will send a third batch of 700 peacekeepers to Juba, capital city of South Sudan, to protect civilians, UN staff and other humanitarian workers in the area, according to China’s Ministry of National Defense. A female squad consisting of 13 soldiers is also included in this batch. They will carry out missions of protecting the rights of women and children, as well as humanitarian relief. The peacekeepers will fly to the mission area on Sunday and replace the second batch of peacekeepers in South Sudan.

【一个患有自闭症的小男孩Ben,一只中国制造的蓝色小水杯,和一场全球传递的生命救援】An appeal to find a “life-saving” blue cup for a severely autistic 14-year-old boy named Ben in Britain has become successful after the cup manufacturer created a lifetime supply of the cup. Ben’s father had tweeted an appeal for help to find a replacement after his son’s cup was broken, as the boy only drank from that cup and the manufacturers had stopped producing such cups. The original tweet has been retweeted for over 12,000 times all over the globe. After learning about the story, the cup maker Tommee Tippee managed to find the mold in China and offered a total of 500 identical blue cups, saying that this ensures the family would never have to worry about finding another cup for Ben.

【湛江港双向对接东盟 新航线助力一带一路建设】The city of Zhanjiang in south China's Guangdong Province is poised to play an active role in turning China into a major maritime power by promoting marine industries. As one of the key cities in the country's Belt and Road Initiative and an important gateway to Southeast Asia, Zhanjiang has made significant strides in its economic relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations members.

【王毅部长解读习近平主席与美国当选总统特朗普的通话:未来中美关系的良好开端】Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said the phone conversation between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President-elect Donald Trump after the US presidential election was a good start for bilateral ties. Wang made the remarks when reviewing China's diplomatic achievements in 2016. During the phone call, Xi said there are various areas that China and the US can cooperate on, while Trump said a bright future is ahead for the two great countries.

【金正恩亲自指导炮兵火力打击演习 系联合国制裁新决议后首次现场指导】The DPRK’s leader Kim Jong Un guided an intensive artillery drill on Thursday, state news agency KCNA reported on Friday. Kim said that such strikes would incapacitate South Korean forces should a war break out. The exercise came shortly after the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a new resolution to tighten sanctions against the DPRK in response to the country’s 5th and largest nuclear test in September.

【韩国在野党今天凌晨向国会提交对总统朴槿惠的弹劾动议案 计划于9日启动国会表决程序】South Korea’s three opposition parties handed in an impeachment motion early on Saturday against President Park Geun-hye amid an escalating influence-peddling scandal involving Park and her confidante Choi Soon-sil. The motion will officially be proposed during a regular parliamentary session on December 8, with a vote expected on December 9.

【21人遇难1人被困 黑龙江七台河矿难事故敲响煤矿安全生产警钟】21 miners have been confirmed dead, while one remains trapped after Tuesday's coal mine explosion in the city of Qitaihe, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. The national coal mine safety watchdog has demanded all the coal mines across the country to follow strict safety consolidation. Meanwhile China will stick to the principle of cutting overcapacity in its mining industry by shutting down coal mines with an annual output less than 90,000 tons.

【台媒称美国国会预算涉美台军事交流 外交部:坚决反对美台进行任何形式的官方往来和军事交流】 China firmly opposes any official interaction or military contact between the US and Taiwan, spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Geng Shuang said on Friday, noting that Beijing’s stance is “consistent” and “clear”. The statement comes after US legislators are reportedly calling for the inclusion of military exchanges between Taiwan and US officials in the National Defense Authorization for the 2017 fiscal year. China urged the US side to abide by the one China policy and the three joint communiques, and to deal with the Taiwan issue in a prudent manner, and to avoid backsliding and damaging the larger interests of Sino-American relations.

【苹果公布iPhone自动关机调查结果:不会引起安全问题】US tech giant Apple Inc Friday announced the reason behind the abrupt shutdown problem that recently affected some users of the iPhone 6s.

"We found that a small number of iPhone 6s devices made in September and October 2015 contained a battery component that was exposed to controlled ambient air longer than it should have been before being assembled into battery packs. As a result, these batteries degrade faster than a normal battery and cause unexpected shutdowns to occur," said a statement posted on Apple's official website.

【路透援引杜特尔特助手:菲律宾总统杜特尔特与美国候任总统特朗普进行了令人激动的电话对谈】Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte congratulated U.S. President-elect Donald Trump Friday night on his victory in the recently concluded election.

Duterte extended his congratulations by calling up Trump from the southern City of Davao.

【国务院印发《“十三五”脱贫攻坚规划》,有哪些新亮点?】China's cabinet, the State Council, has released a poverty alleviation plan for the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020).

Poverty alleviation is the most difficult task for China to realize the goal of building an all-round moderately prosperous society, of which rural poverty is the weakest link, said the document released Friday.

The plan maintains the nation's precision-poverty relief measures while implementing regional development strategies, with a focus on old revolutionary bases, as well as ethnic minority and border areas.

【李克强会见塞拉利昂总统科罗马】Premier Li Keqiang met with Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma on Friday, calling on both countries to enhance cooperation in infrastructure development and production capacity.

Hailing the fruitful bilateral cooperation since establishing diplomatic relations in 1971, Li said China hoped to further deepen political mutual trust, practical cooperation and coordination in international affairs with Sierra Leone.

【香港特区政府再提司法复核要求高院裁定四名议员宣誓无效】The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) government on Friday launched a new round of legal actions to disqualify four more members of the Legislative Council (LegCo) for their invalid oaths.

On behalf of the Hong Kong Chief Executive, the Department of Justice submitted an application for a judicial review to the High Court, which requests the court to rule whether the four LegCo members' oaths comply with the Hong Kong Basic Law and whether they are still qualified to serve.