About love

ruddle · 大学英语 ·


On the amazing Nov 11,I don't want to talk about shopping.Let's discuss love.


I sometimes consider what brilliant life it is.Maybe it is a promise or wander all over the world together.Maybe it is not break up after aruging.Maybe it is ordinary life which can go to class and have lunch together.

我有时候会想,什么样的生活是美好的。也许是山盟海誓浪迹天涯,也许是不论怎样争吵之后都不肯松开对方的手,也许是一起上课吃午饭的平凡日子 。

I suddenly suppose if we have a chance to face problem together.Can we define it is the best brilliant memory?We are all ordinary and need to be loved,or facing lots of problems which are more than our powerful range.However,when at the most upst time,suppose we all aren't giving up,encouraging each other and forgiving the other's imperfection.Just trust and support without conditional.What a romantic thing it is!


Maybe we live in difficult or be unable even to protect ourselves.But I pretty want to stay by your side.Then we face and challege problems.Somethings will not get terrible.Finally our life linkes closely.If you are strive on the stage,I'll encourage you in smile.If you walk tiredly ,

I'll pour a cup of milk tea and listen to your story and hard.I consider maybe it is the best romantic thing.

也许我们生活得很困难,甚至我们自身难保,但是我也好想留在你身边。然后我们一起面对,努力,然后事情将变得不那么糟糕,然后我们的生命紧紧相连。若你奋斗站在台上,我能在台下一直微笑着鼓励你 。若你走累了我会帮你冲一杯奶茶听听你将一路的故事。我想,这大概就是最浪漫的事。