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With the development of our country many people choose to go on a journey. Some of them just travel around our country, but now more and more people prefer to travel abroad. Anyway, it is the charm of travel that propelling them to take a trip.


The world is so enigmatic that we are curious about it. We want to know more about it and explore its mysteries. Traveling happens to provide us a good opportunity to satisfy our curiosity. Through the traveling, we can not only enrich our extracurricular knowledge but also broaden our horizons. As far as i am concerned, traveling is really a feast of eyes. At present, we are staying at a noisy environment and we are eager to live in a tranquil place,in which we will feel relaxed and refreshed.


In my opinion, I think travelling is a enjoying thing. You can go to travel alone, or you can go with your friends. In the journey, you don't have to try to find a tour guide, it will make you get restricted. But you have to find a way to fit yourself according to your own character.


“The world is so big, that I want to travel and have a look”. Now if you have the impulse to travel , then go. Pack your bags and ready to travel !


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