She and He

She was a sensitive and ordinary girl, so she didn't have a close friend. Grade Three in senior high school began. She had got to take exams every month, every week even every day, which made her tired and stressed.


After the first the monthly examination, her head_ teacher who was a bareheaded man said, according to the tradition of her school, they would exchange their seats. The seats depended on the examination result. His seat was near to hers. So they gradually up the ice. She became outgoing. He often gave assistance with her math. Secretly played Rubik's cube in the boring history class. Sometimes, he said to her" Please touch me when the bareheaded comes." She often added boiled water into his cup after class. When they took P.E. class, she recognized him firstly in the crowd.


In the bottom of her heart, he was like the sunshine, that brought up her life.


It was time to leave. It was time to exchange again.


She was still in the same seat. But he wasn't in.


One day, she saw he went to the dining room with a pretty girl. Gradually, she noticed that he often have dinner with the girl. She was jealous, but she thought the girl was so excellent that she couldn't match with the girl.


The college examination was over. She did well in it. But he was opposite. And he didn't attend the last gathering.


“As a fresh man, you will face more challenges in the next four years.” A voice came to her ears. She thinks, she won't forget him, will him?


On the years rolls by the time, what remains to you. Those still make-you-commermorate or those make-you-commermorate people. They may be a humor deskmate, a bareheaded head teacher, or the boy whom you want to hide in your sound.


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