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In the Ninja world,there was a ninja village called "Ye Zi".The three people:MingRen,ZuoZhu,XiaYing were in one group to perform a task together.They three people had huge differences in character and birth.MingRen had no gift for training,but he had firm faith,strong-willed mind and a warm heart.The only girl,XiaoYing ,loved ZuoZhu,but didn't accepted by him.In ZuoZhu's heart,what was in his mind all the time was that he wanted to kill his enemies to revenge his parents.Anyhow,they gradually had deep feelings about each other with time passing by.Facing the dangerous task,they would protect their friends without concerning about their own lives.

But no time longer,in a warface,in order to get power to revenge,ZuoZhu left MuYe,drawn into dark and lost himself.He went to find DaShewan to study a more powerful ninja.And because of some reasons,he became the one who wanted to destory "Mu Ye"village.Everyone including XiaYing who once loved him treated he as enemy and gave up on him,but except MingRen.When the village sent someone to kill ZuoZhu,MingRen stood to help him.In order to find him,MingRen went everywhere and found him in every place.All he wanted to do was try him best to refind his only and devoted friend.In the last fight between them.MingRen's persistence made ZuoZhu saw bright,and the world backed to peace and nice again.



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