The memories

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Four months ago,I was trying to learn all my subjects in senior high school.But  now,I start my university life.Time flies like an arrow. Althrough I feel universety life is wonderful,I miss my senior high school,my teachers and classmates.That is my valuable memories.


When I was in senior high school ,my life was full of study.In the morning,I need to get up at 6:20am,because morning reading would begin at 7:00am.After 12:00am,I finished my lessons in the morning.Then I only had half an hour's afternoon nap.After siesta,I start self-study.One and a half hours later,it was the time for afternoon classes.Untill 10:30pm,all day's classes had been finished.


In general,study takes up most of my time but I also have sweet memories with my classmates.In P.E.lesson,we play badminton and ping-pong together.On weekend,we go shopping together.There are too much of a good thing duing that time.I miss you, my school,my classmates.


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