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Last week I joined a volunteering activity which was held to celebrate the Chongyang Festival. And the activity had prepared many wonderful performances, and  I mainly have the responsibility to assit  the old looking for a seat.




During the activity,I helped lots of people. But what impressed me mostly is a kind grandmother who made me have a feeling of home. When the grandmother arrived at the scence , there is no seat for her. And she only stood aside quietly. so I try my best to look for a chair and gave her happily. The grandmother was so happy that tears shimmered in her eyes. We chatted a lot and she praised me all the time.


活动期间, 我帮助了许多人。 但令我印象最深刻的是一位善良的老奶奶,她让我有回到家的感觉。当她到达现场是,已经没有空余的位置。 她只是静静的站在一边。所以我竭尽全力帮老奶奶找到一把椅子,高兴的送过去给她。当时老奶奶特别开心,眼睛里闪烁着泪花。我们聊了很多,她一直在表扬我。


However, what made me sad is that some young people were so impolite. They took the seats and watched the performances happily. But they don't know the seats are more necessary for the  older people. In my view, we should improve the quality of education all the time.


然而, 令我伤心的是一些稍微年轻一点的人是无礼的。 他们坐在座位上,开心的看着表演? 但他们没想到那些年长的人更需要座位。 在我看来,我们应该不断提高教育质量。


In a word, the activity was held successfully. And as a volunteer, I learned how to work well with others, how to improve myself in different ways. And I enjoyed my wonderful day.


总之, 活动非常成功。 作为一名志愿者,我学会了如何和他人合作,如何在不同方面提高自己。我度过了非常开心的一天。

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