Shopping on the internet

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With the rapid development of society, technology is having a more and more important influence on people's daily life than before. There are many new things that have entered people's life. Such as shopping online. Shopping on the internet has become a kind of trend now. However, people make different comments about the shopping online.


As far as I am concerned, there are reasons for its existence. First, people can buy the things which they need without going out. For office workers, this way can save their time greatly. Second, there are numerous goods from home and abroad. This can meet consumers' demand. However, online shopping has some disadvantages .First, sometimes the photos which are displayed on the website are not consistent with the real objects. And people can 't touch the goods before they purchase them. So people may buy commodities which they don't like. Next, sometimes, the goods have been damaged during transportation. Under the circumstances, consumers may suffer losses.



Everything has two aspects including shopping online. I wish consumers can improve their resolution ability and shop rationally.




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