My Expectations About University

I'm very glad to be admitted into the HeNan University of Technology after experiencing the College Entrance Exam. I'll spend four years studying here. Below are some suggestions of my own on what should we do in the university.


Initially, keep studying constantly. What is apparent is that studying makes a difference to our life. With the rapid development of science technology, great changes have taken place in our society. The speed of knowledge updates so quickly that we should keep studying so as to know our world better. Therefore, it is necessary for us to have the belief of studyiny all through our life.


Then, exercise regularly. Health is of critical importance to us. As the old saying goes, one can do nothing successfully without a healthy body. As a result, we're supposed to do some sports to build up our body during our spare time, for instance, running, swimming, and playing badminton.


In addition, make more friends. In my view, we ought to have one or two closed friends at least, to whom we can talk about our bad feelings. When we are in trouble, we know there are always someone who supports us. In order to make more friends, we can be active and join some clubs that interest us as well.


What' more , travel more. Personally speaking, I'm fond of travelling. Not only can it broaden our horzions, but also we can learn something different that we can not learn from textbooks, as well as experience other culture. After all, pratice is the best teacher.

此外,多旅行。就我个人来说,我很  喜欢旅行。它不仅能拓宽我们的视野,而且我们能够从中学到一些在书本上学不到的东西,同时体验别的文化。毕竟,实践是最好的老师。

In short, the college provides us with a new platform, on which we have many opportunities to show ourself to others. However, there exist some challenges too. We have many things to learn. I sincerely hope all of us can make good use of the university time and hold every chance tightly to improve our ability, making our university time meaningful and valuable.