My Opinions Towards Youth

Tian · 大学英语 ·

I choose three aspects to describe my opinions towards youth.


Dream.Dream is the reason why you persist when you want to give up;the reason why you stay up late working with a light on despite of feeling tired;the reason why you laugh it off when you keep bleeding.It makes your heart to be watered by the fresh blood,never dry up,and never die.Your youth will be dull without the join-in of your dreams.Therefore,please let the dream dominate into your heart.


Loneliness.We always pretend to hide the loneliness in our hearts,thus there grows loads of meaningless communications and all-night revelries and hysterical yelling.We simply believe that all above will wash off the sense of unease and real anxiety in our hearts.However,more loneliness  and longer latency are following.So,please try to accept your lonely.Get used to living your own life.Do anything you want to do,like reading,travelling or falling in love with someone.Delight in yourself and dance for your aloneness.


Love.It's a period in our life that full of dreamy romanticism.Truly,it's very fortunate if you have someone to warm up with.However,temporary sweetness is not equal to love.He or She should be someone who can go ahead with you,support and encourage you.He is not your cash machine.Meanwhile, she is not your sex slave.Love is not enjoying but cultivating.When you become excellent enough,love will appear without any invitations.


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