The Impression Of My Uiversity Life

Before l entered the university ,my heart is full of curiosity.First of all,l think the university life is wonderful.However,when l enter the university and l find the university is not as satisfactory as l had expected.

As the saying goes,every coin has two sides.On the one hand,l am quite satisfied with my life.Because there is an advanced library that owns all kinds of books .What'more, all sorts of lectures can be held on campus.The last but not the least,the campus activities are rich and colorful.

On the other hand,l think the university life is not perfect .In my spare time,l often feel the life is very boring.Besides,the chance that l get along with my classmates is few.

In a word,l will bravely face the challenge at university.

在我进入大学之前,我的心中充满了好奇。首先,我认为大学生活是奇妙的,然而, 当我踏入这所学校的大门之后,大学生活并非如我之前所想的一般。俗话说,一件事情的背后总有正反两面。一方面,我非常享受大学生活,原因之一是我们学校的图书馆很大,里面储藏的图书总类齐全。此外,学校里定期会举行一些演讲活动,拓宽了我们的眼界。最后也是必不可少的一点,学校里有好多丰富多彩的社团活动。然而,另一方面我认为大学生活也有,对我来说印象不好的一面。在我闲暇之余,很少见到老师和同班同学,于是和同学接触的机会相对来说就会减少了一些。但无论如何, 我会以一种最勇敢的姿态去拥抱接下来大学生活中遇到的所有困难!

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